Beach Netball is all the fun of Netball but with an exciting beach twist, SIGN UP HERE!

Simpler, slightly different rules mean its easy to pick up and fun for all standards. Not to mention it is a great work out!

Open to all female players aged 18 and over. Players can only play in 1 team. Each team must consist of a minimum of 7, with 5 playing on court at one time.

Beach Netball is undoubtedly a great start to your summer. So join us in 2023 at the Wight Wave Beach Sports which brings volleyball, soccer, netball, rugby, tennis, footvolley and music together through sand based community events on the Isle of Wight.

Wight Wave Beach Sports create, facilitate and deliver an exciting and inclusive beach experience for all. Offering a range of beach sports to all ages and abilities, we believe that providing these opportunities will have an onward positive effect on the community.

Wight Wave is all about living the active beach lifestyle, giving opportunities to keep fit, learn new skills or develop existing ones and most importantly have fun!

We have a strong ethos to respect the environment and we promote and encourage all involved to take care of our beautiful beaches and seas. Wight Wave Beach Sports includes beach soccer, foot volley and beach volleyball to name just a few.

We also have strong links to other local providers including surf coaching. Our philosophy is all about getting active and giving it a go. So get involved and see you on the sand!