BEACH ACADEMY provides children the opportunity to try all multiple sports with football, rugby, cricket, netball, running, foot-volley, tennis and volleyball. Children learn in a fun, engaging and safe environment by the sea improving both physical and mental health.

During the day at Beach Academy our coaches work with the children to develop new skills, get fit, improve agility, balance and coordination, meet new friends, grow in confidence and receive further education in our coastal and values learning zones.

Whilst resting and recovering between a busy sports activity schedule we keep the children engaged by educating them on the Wight Wave Values those being RESPECT, LEADERSHIP, EXCELLENCE, COMMUNITY and OUR ENVIROMENT.

In our education zones our excellent team of qualified staff focus on the surrounding ecosystem and how to protect it and respect it from unwanted plastic and waste protecting both marine and other wildlife and learning to respect our environment.

During our camps children will receive a course report on the their performance, where to improve and build upon the skills and education taught whilst covering our values and wide ranging sports. We also present awards and Wight Wave clothing to our top preforming students, with all children receiving a camp medal for completion of the camp to accompany their course report.

Sports we cover: Football, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball, Footvolley, Surf Lifesaving, Tennis, Running and multi sports whilst overarching with education topics across our values and coastal protection on the environment and wildlife.